Initial Consultation

Work one-on-one with Sharon to create a plan that will rebalance your body. Once you sign up for the initial consultation, you’ll receive intake forms via email. The completed materials must be returned at least 48 hours before your initial session.

During the first session, Sharon will carefully review your intake forms and questionnaire results. If imbalances are identified, you’ll work with her to develop a program tailored to your unique biochemistry and physiology, and designed to bring your body back into balance.

Each customized, restorative program may include dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, whole-food supplements, stress management techniques and other strategies designed to support your health goals. You’ll set the pace, whether that involves “baby steps” or a “cold-turkey” approach to achieve the best results.

One-on-One Packages


   3 Month Package

   6 Month Package


For more information, contact Sharon:

612–250–1639 or
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