"The best way I can describe what Sharon and her expertise can do for you is it’s like getting a massage on the inside on a daily basis. Until you go through her program, you don't realize how toxic our diets really are in America! And I thought I ate very healthy! I have no stomach/intestinal issues anymore, I have more energy, I am not tired in the middle of the day and the list goes on! If you want to feel like you're in your 20's again, reach out to her. You won't believe how good you'll feel by working with her. She's a great listener, knows her stuff is and is very, very caring. She's awesome!"   
  ~ Jim

Couple Cooking         Schedule a free 20-minute telephone consultation to find out how nutritional therapy can help you overcome your health challenges and restore optimal health. Sign up for a free introductory session with Sharon to discuss your current health situation and nutritional challenges. Explore what nutritional therapy can do for you. Fill out a short assessment form below so I get an impression about some of your issues and habits and then schedule a short phone session via the contact information at top of this page. 

I understand that my results are depended upon the quality and quantity of participation in suggestions and assignments given during this assessment.
I also understand that a nutritional practitioner is not a doctor or other qualified health care professional and that I am solely responsible for the actions,
 decisions, and choices that I make during this assessment. I understand that I must consult with my doctor and follow what my doctor advises. I will not hold the practitioner or AdvancedWellness accountable or liable for any damages or health issues that may arise as a result of my participation.

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