Presentations to Groups/Workplaces

Sharon’s goal is to share information with as many individuals as possible, helping them realize that the food on their plate does make a difference. Based upon her experience and training she has put together to empower people to help the lead on their own health. She shares this presentation as a complimentary service to businesses. Because of the presentation, employees will learn how to take more ownership of their health and health care costs. Many employers benefit from this because there are fewer absentees. The presenation also tends to motivate individuals to be more health care consious leading them to be more productive. 

Five Secrets to a Healthly Life

Empowering You to Improve Your Health

  • ·Gain a better understanding of what it means to be healthy
  • ·Understand what it means when you have symptoms
  • ·Recognize that optimal health is NOT complicated
  • ·Learn how food impacts your health
  • ·Leave with specific ways you can improve your health

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Additional Speaking Engagements

She is available for individual speaking engagements for a nominal fee. She is prepared to cover important and relevant topics such as:
•   Busting Cholesterol Myths
•   Insulin Resistant vs. Type 2 Diabetes
•   Impoving Digestion

For more information, contact Sharon:

612–250–1639 or
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