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Are you listening to your body?

Do you wish you had more energy? Are you bothered by aches and pains? Have you gained weight recently? Our bodies are talking to us constantly, but with each of our busy lives, we tend to ignore it. We have disconnected from our body to take care of those burning issues whether it is a crying child or the next deadline.

With you, we take a step back and a moment to stop and listen. Through our services we start by listening to you, the client. Our investigative approach goes through structured questions to understand the whole picture. We work with you to structure a nutrition program that will work with your body. 

Some people are afraid of what will this mean for them. They imagine that it will turn into "Don't eat that!" or all that is left to eat is tree bark. Our approach is to increase your food option so you choose to give up those foods that don't work with your body. In a number of instances those "don't eat me" foods are only temporary as we help your body to recalibrate.

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I suffered frequent pain after eating, and my doctor said gallbladder surgery might be my only option. Since I knew changing my diet was a must to avoid a painful operation, I reached out to Sharon at Advance Wellness. Sharon helped me turn my health around with a program that started with a 30-day cleanse and included an easy-to-follow meal plan with foods I like. Sharon also helped me plan a grocery list and taught me to track my results. Thanks to Advanced Wellness, I have been able to avoid a painful surgery and have lost 20 pounds so far! Recent testing shows no signs of the gallbladder issues I had prior to coming here, and I feel better than I have in years! 

~ Ellie

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