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"Have you ever felt like a prisoner inside your own body? I did."

It began one morning in December 2006. After sleeping for eight hours, I woke up feeling totally exhausted. I wondered, ‘What does this mean?’ Two months later, I had my first dizzy spell while driving home. In the following days, I had more dizzy spells lasting a few hours each time. By May 2007, I felt dizzy and nauseous 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During this time I had difficulty remembering things, could not think clearly, and was exceedingly tired. All of this led up to having no energy and could barely get through each day.

My body was screaming at me and I did not know what to do. I began looking for root causes of my dizziness. I knew if I did nothing, I would probably suffer from dizziness for the rest of my life. I refused to accept that I had to live like that.

The constant dizziness lasted over five years and I saw 18 health professionals before finding the right solution. Treatment by a holistic health practitioner finally got to the root of the problem.

A health practitioner recommended that I eliminate sugar for my diet. So I followed the advice for one week. Finally, to my surprise, I felt better. On the seventh day, I thought I could have just a little bit of sugar… so I drank a cup of hot chocolate. Within 30 minutes, I felt dizzy and nauseous. For the next week I eliminated sugar for my diet again and began feeling better after four days. Then on Day Seven, I decided to have another cup of hot chocolate. Guess what? Within 30 minutes I felt dizzy and nauseous again. You might think I was crazy, but I repeated the process for four weeks in a row and got the same results every week.

As a result of my experiment, I knew for sure the issue was connected to sugar. So, I decided to eliminate sugar (except whole fruit) from my diet. I felt results right away—over time the dizziness went away and I felt better overall.

After realizing how sugar had damaged my health, I was inspired to learn more about nutrition. The experience sparked my curiosity to learn more about how food impacts health and my passion to help others who are suffering. Working with me through your health challenges is a mission, not a job. I am passionate about helping people and delivering outstanding outcomes. If you have had a similar experience, please reach to me, I believe we can help. 

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