We are Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and Restorative Wellness Specialists.  We are credentialed from the Nutritional Therapy Association based in Olympia, Washington, with additional training through the School of Applied Functional Medicine.  Nutritional healing is the cornerstone of our Advanced Wellness Nutrition (AWN) Program. 

Our goal with the AWN Program is to help you become happier and healthier, permanently.  We work with clients like you to help make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results.  You will develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you.  We will carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transforms your life.

We believe that the body has an innate intelligence and ability to heal itself, if it has what it needs.  This illustration shows the five pillars that support optimal health.  At the base of the foundation is a properly prepared, nutrient dense diet.

Optimal Health Pillars

What's on your fork?

Everything we eat from carrots to cake impacts our body in different ways, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively.  When we supply the body with the vital nutrients needed it can move towards functioning optimally.  Five important biochemical elements form the basis of our health:  digestion, balanced blood sugar, balanced minerals, appropriate fatty acids and adequate hydration.

Believe it or not, optimal health is usually not complicated, but it is like a puzzle. However, we do understand how this puzzle works.  To help us uncover the root causes of our clients’ health struggles, we use the principles of functional medicine.  These principles help us understand what nutrients are missing, what harmful things need to be removed (e.g. stress, toxins), and the creating a healing environment.

When working together, you can expect your program to be:

  • ·Customized.  There is no magical way of eating that works for everyone.  We are all different, unique.  Each customized program offers no pre-set program, but is created for a specific individual’s body, health history, goals, lifestyle, and preferences.
  • ·Achievable. We do not believe in rigid diets to force quick results, but offer step-by-step, gradual changes which allows clients time to experiment with and adjust to new habits, allowing you to get sustainable results.
  • ·Scientifically Sound.We have a scientific body of research that has shown us the best approach for helping our bodies overcome imbalances.  Our body is always seeking wellness.  We focus on the body’s ability to heal itself given natural, simple food, supplements, recreation, and stress management choices.  If you are not feeling well, there is a reason – a true root cause. 
  • ·Fun and Flexible. Joy, laughter, tolerance, creativity, and room for trial-and-error are a key part of client support.  This is a time to experiment and find what works.  If one solution doesn’t work for you, then we discard and move on to another solution.
  • ·Authentic.  Our goal is persistence, not daily perfection.  Keep in mind that life-long habits need room for indulgence and “real life” circumstances.  We believe food is to be savored and relished as an enjoyable part of life.  We focus on adding positive, healthy, and healing foods, behaviors, and activities to a person’s life.  This approach effectively “crowds out” the negative and unhealthy.  Understanding and empathy for clients is balanced with high expectations and personal accountability.
  • ·Empowering.  Our goal is for each client to discover and learn healthy habits and skills they may use effectively on their own for the rest of their lives.  Since we believe you are capable of managing your own health and wellness, we provide you with education and self-sustaining tools. 

Stop chasing symptoms and get to the root cause.  To see how amazing you can feel, contact us:

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Testimonial - Richard

Coming to Advanced Wellness has literally changed my life! I have struggled for years with my weight and many significant health challenges, including hypertension and high cholesterol. I was pre-diabetic when I started the Advanced Wellness nutrition program Sharon designed for me based on the results of some simple testing. After just 30 days of following the custom nutrition plan, my results have been unbelievable! My cholesterol, hemoglobin A1c and hypertension levels have dropped significantly and I've lost about 30 pounds! My energy level has also increased tremendously, and I am learning how to eat the foods that support my good health. I strongly recommend Advanced Wellness Nutrition for anyone struggling with illness and who wants a real change in their health and lifestyle! For me, the change has been unbelievable! Thank you, Advanced Wellness!